Recurring Events

Regaining Consciousness – explorations in mindfulness

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In this series – meeting the second Sunday of each month from 1:30-3:00pm – We will explore aspects of different mindfulness practices. Mindfulness can mean many different things, and there are many ways to get there. Rather than diving deep into any one practice, this workshop aims to create an accessible space for those new to the concept of mindfulness that want to find out what the hype is all about. For those that have developed a practice, you may want to explore something different to bring back to your practice – and perhaps you would like to share what you have learned as well with others.

Improv in Tiny Boxes … With Host Ian Blackwell Rogers

Our first event on June 5th was a smash! We were not sure how things would go over zoom. Thanks to our brave beta testers to get the ball Rolling and of course our fabulous host.

Some of the notable quotes from the evening…

“I haven’t laughed so hard since February”

“were you ingesting LSD by smoking?”

“I put a whole bunch of holes in this cheese and it still doesn’t taste swiss.”

“I Normally never find anyone alive to fall in love with”

And many more…. Here is a video excerpt from the event:

Ian Blackwell Rogers

Ian Blackwell Rogers is a DC/Baltimore area actor who has been doing mostly Shakespeare and other early modern plays. He has a background in improv and lots of experience with theatre games and exercises, and is eager to see what can be adapted to this new world where we live in little boxes from the shoulders up.

We don’t have a regular schedule for this event – it requires enough interest and donations

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