Welcome to Greenbelt Unplugged

Our COVID Response

So it is not without irony that we have had to adapt, now that being near other humans is frowned upon. And although we hope that we soon will be able to hold events in person – it still is better to connect online than not at all. Furthermore, it does allow some folks to connect that may not be able to otherwise due to mobility or transportation issues…

So we are now passing a virtual hat around so that we can more fun events like the Zoom Improv Games – If you would like to see more like that – make a donation below

This does not guarantee yourself a spot but those donating will get advance notice for events that have limited seating.

Unplugged Manifesto

Our intent is to offer activities and resources for people that would like to engage themselves in a way that in our modern times seems uncommon, that is, with other humans, in person.  This, of course, is quite a wide brush to describe many things that people already do, and have been doing for thousands of years.  In modern times, however,  our current culture has distilled individual entertainment, and by extension our sense of connection and belonging, into a product.  Starting with radio, television and movies, we began to establish relationships with people we would never actually meet.   At the same time, the increased accessibility of goods and 24 hour supermarkets means that we never even have to go ask our neighbor to borrow eggs.  The Internet, in general and more specifically, Facebook, in some sense reconnected people, albeit in a virtual way, and brought back some semblance of person to person connection.  Sort of.  At the same time, however, we now have devices that we carry around in our pocket that make it possible to “connect” with people across the world and ignore everyone that is actually around us.  Is that virtual connection enough?

Churches, community groups, and even book clubs fulfill the desire for non virtual connection for many individuals today.  Some join a group for a purpose other than connection – help the environment, learning to be a better public speaker, etc.   These institutions serve very important roles, no question, but perhaps do not serve some people that find the barrier to entry to high.  In the case of a church there may be a belief system to take on – or perhaps a feeling of too much of a time commitment to participate in a civic or community group.  What if you don’t play an instrument, or sing well?


So in sum – we are a group engaged in facilitating in person connections.  Specifically, in or near Greenbelt.   That means we sponsor events where there is a need, or if some other group is already doing something that fills this need, we can help share that information as well.

Thank you for taking the time to visit – if you found this idea resonates something within you please join our mailing list – or just put down your phone for a moment and say hi to your neighbor.  Maybe you both will be glad you did, or will be the next time you need some eggs.