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About our funding – All of our events are free of charge, in some cases that is because it costs us nothing to put them on. We have recognition group status with the City of Greenbelt which allows us to use space in the Community Center for free (when it is open). Some events, however, do have paid facilitators. These are professional musicians or entertainers, for example, that deserve some coin (it’s not a lot) for their hard work and expertise.

Our way of funding these events is the “pay it forward” model, we collect enough money in advance to pay for an event, and then donations given at that event pay for future events. We used to pass the hat around and collect cash – but as you might imagine that is harder to do since we moved online.

So we are adapting – and have an online donation below – clicking the paypal buttons below allows you to make a secure donation so that we can continue to fund fabulous fun events like ….

Improv in Tiny Boxes … With Host Ian Blackwell Rogers

Ian Blackwell Rogers is a DC/Baltimore area actor who has been doing mostly Shakespeare and other early modern plays. He has a background in improv and lots of experience with theatre games and exercises, and is eager to see what can be adapted to this new world where we live in little boxes from the shoulders up.

Click the donation button above to target your money to have more improv. This will take you to a secure paypal site to make your donation (this is one is not.. yet). The button below can be used for general donations.